Open-Faced Melts (Episode #5)

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This one is so simple, even a monkey could do it.  And so can we, kinda. If you’re feeling less vegetarian, throw some bacon on these puppies. That goes for all our recipes (even the desserts)

Begin by:

Slicing cheese (pepperjack is an excellent choice) and load it up on a piece of bread on a cookie sheet.

Saute onions and garlic in oil,adding a thawed veggie patty (I’d recommend a mushroom burger of some sort) and chop it up with the spatula.

Brown thoroughly, adding the desired seasoning.


Plop the mixture onto the cheesed bread and pop it
in the oven, preheated to 400F.


Eat, drink, be merry, drink more.

DISCLAIMER: Our constant encouragement to drink is a JOKE. Drunken Cooking does not endorse alcohol abuse, and the alcohol in the above recipe is not actually part of the recipe. Drink responsibly.                              


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