Filthy McNasty (Episode #13)

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Here’s What You Do:
Open your cabinets and your fridge. Any produce on its way out? Any half-eaten left-over pizza that’s old and in the way? Grab your creative spirit and let’s try to make it delicious (or at least palatable (or at the very least, something cheap and easy (like ur mom))).

The Filthy McNasty is the epitome of drunken cooking. You need to feed your sloshy guts before crashing in a pile of self-defeat, probably with your shoes still on. Otherwise tomorrow will hurt even worse. Throw anything and everything in a pot–maybe with some canned soup and ramen. Add herbs and spices if you want, depending on how fancy you want to get. Be sure to maintain the ideal Filthy to Nasty ratio of 4:1, and ideally, the Nasty should not be present as a flavor per se, but as a concept–an item thrown into the mix purely to illicit revulsion in your closest friends.                              


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