Bomb-Diggity Ice Cream Topping (Episode #4)

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Stuff You’ll Need:
Ice Cream (the good stuff)
Brandy (cheap-ass)
Honey (or other sweetener)
Spices (cinnamon, ginger, salt or whatever floats your fancy)
Alcohol (for to drink)

What You Do:
CAREFULLY burn the alcohol out of some cheap-ass brandy. Add blueberries, a little sweetener (we liked ¬†honey) and spices to taste–cinnamon, ginger, and a tad of salt were used in ours. Reduce down until syrupy and delicious. Slather over GOOD vanilla ice cream.

Eat. A lot.

Tastes best when drunk.

DISCLAIMER: Our constant encouragement to drink is a JOKE. Drunken Cooking does not endorse alcohol abuse, and the alcohol in the above recipe is not actually part of the recipe. Except the cheap brandy. Drink responsibly.                              


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