Episode #14 – Garlic Mac and Cheese

Sunday, February 27th, 2011
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Jon and Lauren are back–drinking, making lude comments about sausages, and whipping up delicious macaroni and cheese…with tofu. Welcome back for another intoxicated season.

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  1. PJ says:

    Oh Lauren you sexy drunken wench you!! hhahahahahhahah
    Just found out about this site and LOVE it!!
    hugs and peace Lauren,

  2. Thanks for watching PJ. Please help us spread the word. And if you think Lauren is sexy when she’s drunk, you should see her hung over and pounding down pizza like a wild animal.

  3. Chris Currie says:

    Just saying, and I haven’t even watched the thing, but what about Mac n’ Cheese needs tofu? I will report back after I watch to counter this knee jerk posting.

  4. Chris Currie says:

    I see now. Sounds pretty darn good.

    Quinoa does not look like elbow macaroni. It looks like little tiny seeds that, if you eat a big heaping bowlful of, results in what can only be called bird-seed butt about 8 hours later. You HAVE to wash the seeds off before you cook it too, because they have a waxy, soap-flavored coating that is just awful. It originates from South America, too, hippy.

    Glad to see you all back!

  5. Andy says:

    There’s no greater!

    …than this show.



  6. @Chris Currie – Good to know, Chris. Now, do you have anything useful to say? ;) How’s Germany treating you?

  7. Kim says:

    I *expletive* love this show. I just got caught up on a bunch of episodes over at bliptv with my roku box.

    Things I love:

    Lauren almost always looks wasted
    John has a habit of taking his clothes off
    Sexy talk.

    Strong work. Keep ‘em coming!

  8. Xian says:

    YES! They’re back!

  9. Too funny! Love this show! A forever-fan! Cheers, Kirk

  10. Phil says:

    You’re back! You have made me so happy! Long live chewy fake sausage (well not really) and seudo Jack cheese (Jack ‘style’ cheese??). Jon still drinks like a girl, just not a hot one like Lauren.

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