LHH #48 – Bleaching Flour

Thursday, May 27th, 2010
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Bleached flour is BULL$%!#! And Lauren knows why.                              

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  1. Cause_I_Said_So (Jack Watson) says:

    Angry hippy? True hippies don’t get angry. In fact, here’s how a hippy fight might go. “They stand toe to toe, fists curled tightly, circling one another. Then it happens! The first hippy swings, misses, farts from the effort, and falls down laughing. The second hippy soon follows suit. End of altercation.”

    Chef “L” isn’t a hippy. She’s a happy drunken type that flashes pissed once in a while but for the most part just cooks, drinks, eats, and takes verbal swipes at the curly haired fat kid. All in all things are just as they should be.

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