Episode #12 – Rhubarb Pie

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
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Julie’s birthday bash is complete with some decidedly bitter dessert.

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  1. Heesa Phadie says:

    Winnie the Pooh approves of the honey consumption. He does not however, approve of the lack of 5 second rule save action on the scoop of “high quality” ice cream. Shame on you good sir.

    OMG…that Indian dancing was AWESOME! I’d love to see more dancing. Speaking of…you need to do and super drunk episode…or maybe a Wasted Cooking Show.

    Jon if you don’t know by now…with Lauren “it’s” always something weird.

    Lauren how do you “kick down a notch”…Emeril would be disappointed….that’s like Spinal Tap turning it up to 6….WTF!?

    …and what’s the deal with the inability to sing the Birthday Song…copyright? ….and Happy Birthday again Julie…although, shoot, by now it must be about a month over due.

  2. Justin says:

    Your show is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Thank you all for being awesome and a blast to watch.

  3. Cause_I_Said_So (Jack Watson) says:

    Next time chill the butter in the freezer first, mix the pie crust ingredients in the food processor, then roll the dough out to uniform thickness on a lightly floured surface. What you did in the video I just watched is an effort which could’ve been best by an armless baboon using only its multi-colored ass to mix and chop. Still it was fun to watch and I agree with chubby. Rhubarb pie is high up on the level of foul things I refuse to eat. It’s very nearly as bad as pickle herring, a nasty friggin’ concoction which is only enjoyed by elephant seals and old german people.

  4. Cause_I_Said_So (Jack Watson) says:

    Correctio to last post – Insert “bested” where it reads “best.”

  5. Cause_I_Said_So (Jack Watson) says:

    SHIT!!!!! Correction to last correction – Replace “Correctio” with “Correction”……what? You think you fuckers invented drinking?

  6. Phil says:

    You need matching shot glasses, and it took 12 episodes for Jon to actually drink a shot like a man.

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