Episode #5 – Open-Faced Melt

Sunday, March 21st, 2010
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Two guests help Lauren and Jon make “an open-faced frisco meltey type thing” while dancing and beat-boxing.                              

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  1. Hessa Phadie says:

    Although strange as hell that looks pretty damned good. I love the inclusion of the pepper jack.

    Alton would be proud of your use of Kosher salt. You’re scaring me with the dull knife chopping whilst drunk/tipsy.

    Jon needs to be a philosopher, his logic is supreme. And on another note “your mom is colloquial” may be the best comeback ever .

    BTW: Apparently I have an allergy to the movie My Girl…it always makes me cry.

  2. NO DaDa says:

    Best Episode to date. Good job, keep it up!

  3. Brent says:

    That was pretty funny. I’d suggest y’all try breathalizer readings midway and at the end for perspective.

  4. Tabris Chen says:

    I hate hate hate veggie burger, but this video makes it look actually slightly edible..must be the shots talking….anyway thumbs up!

  5. Lestat says:

    That looked pretty good, although then again what doesn’t when your plastered. :-D

  6. Brian says:

    @Hessa Phadie – “I have an allergy to the movie My Girl…it always makes me cry.” Priceless.
    @Brent – If we could afford breathalizers, we would. Because then we’d know how much of a lightweight Jon is.
    @Tabris Chen @Lestat – It was amazingly good, and it was weird. Because I’m not one for veggie burgers.

  7. Pup says:

    Actually, if you freeze an onion for about twenty minutes before you cut it, it won’t make you cry. The water thing doesn’t work

  8. ZimZalaBeam! says:

    Salt is a flavour enhancer? So is bourbon!

    I like the idea of special guests to help out. Makes more complex dishes possible and makes fun of Martha Stewart indirectly. Cheers!

    Good thing Brian was around to remind them that dinner was in the oven. :D

  9. bowtie says:

    yes ma’am! looks great. lol i was like…where is the broccoli? ahhh drunken cooking. awesome.

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