The Great Hard Drive Meltdown of 2010

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true.  Drunken Cooking (Vegetarian Style) suffered from a cataclysmic hard drive meltdown.  Some of the footage was backed up…our latest marathon of shooting was not.  Before the crash, we had twelve episodes in the can and eight episodes edited.  After the crash, we have seven edited episodes and only the raw footage from those episodes.

What does this mean?  Well, there are a few gems that are gone forever.  For us, it means a $#!t-ton more work, but for you…well, it doesn’t mean very much.  We’ll still be chugging away with episodes and will try to have one to you every week (with a few exceptions).

If we do get backed up, though, bear with us.  Life intervenes, and when you are as drunk as us it takes a while to get back on your feet.                              

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