Episode #2 – Quesadillas

Sunday, January 31st, 2010
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Lauren and Jon cook delicious vegetarian quesadillas while throwing back numerous shots of kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.                              

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  1. Paola says:

    Every time I eat quesadillas, which I love with sour cream, I will think of this instructive video. HIC, oh sorry.

  2. Sandy says:

    Pinky finger, Jon? Really?

    Now I got the munchies…

  3. Joey P says:

    This is awesome!!! Keep up the good cooking/drinking and congrats on making Digg!

  4. Lexi says:

    Learning how we do it here in the 502 was not only informative, practical and efficient in the realm of tortilla placement, now i can be totally respected in the 502 next time I make quesadillas!!! Thanks Lauren!!! (freeze-frame high-five)

  5. Capturlame says:

    Glorifying binge drinking is pretty lame but not unexpected on the internet.

  6. Devin says:

    I find the girl EXTREMELY good looking! Id love to partake in some drunk cooking. I dig the videos though.

  7. Dustin says:

    Awesome show. Why doesnt food net put this kid of stuff on?

    Does your “assistant” always crack meat jokes? har har. STEAK!! lmao

    seriously though, I wish I lived near you guys. Ill drink and make vegetarian food with you any day.

    BTW. when you cut a green pepper (hard to remember when drunk) stick the knife in the top by the stem and cut in a circular motion around. This way you can just pull the stem and all the seeds and guts come right out! :) :)

    your cool

  8. Who else noticed the ass at 35-39 seconds?

  9. Brian says:

    @Dustin – Thanks for the kind words and for the pepper tip. We need all the help we can get. :)

  10. Brian says:

    @Guitar Tuition Reviews – Lauren it notorious for this, er, quirk. Trust me, you’ll be seeing more crack in the coming weeks.

  11. OMG, I only wish you guys are very careful around knives while under the influence, nasty things can happen ( believe me, I know ).
    Good, fun, entertaining if show.

  12. Tim says:

    Lol ….35-39 seconds is nice !!!

  13. tekmet says:

    get a sharp knife…holy shit. Also, Lauren, totally sexy.

  14. EdTheRed says:

    Nice job, looks delicious. Fit-shaced cooking is an art form.

    PS – Get thee a sharpening stone.

  15. Christian says:


    The same can be said for high-brow-douchebaggery.

  16. Lexi…whatcha got against jump cuts?

  17. Dgrub says:

    Indeed quesadillas are very easy food to make. But if I was drunk, I will care about not burning myself while cooking. Here’s a similar versatile quesadillas recipe. Let us know what you think.

  18. Lestat says:

    Originally Posted By Guitar Tuition ReviewsWho else noticed the ass at 35-39 seconds?

    LOL, god dammit, you made me check those few seconds out first… Nice :-D

    Yeah she is sexy but for some reason more so when shes really drunk..


  19. Lestat says:

    Forgot to add, why is the bottle blurred out on the right @ 27s ?

  20. Lindsay says:

    “How can you not love the shit out of this herb?” “Because it tastes like a leaf!”

  21. Blake Butler says:

    I am also a vegetarian and my body has never been in a very good shape. Being a vegan can really make you much heathier..~.

  22. Jimmy K says:

    I saw that 12 pack of Old Style in the fridge. I bet you guys live by the Jefferson point apts. Her eyes look like she’s eaten the local acid. Some things never change! Drink on!

  23. Zoey Diaz says:

    being vegeterian helps me a lot in toning down my body fats and staying fit-’*

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  28. Drunken_Viewer says:

    Here’s a fan from the old days speaking, way back from episode 1.

    I understand the circumstances of life may have sobered you up, geographically separated the team, or any number of cirumstances (namely, the annoying process of life)

    Yet you guys have a responsibility to your fans! Regardless of your personal circumstances – even if it requires travelling thousands of miles and dispensing hundreds of dollars – you MUST reunite and keep producing! We are dependant on you!

    Seriously…great show, enjoyed it while it lasted (hint, hint). Am glad to have partaken in your fun, and enjoyed your recipes.

    Regards from an American in France!

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