LHH #3 – Vegans

Monday, January 11th, 2010
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Lauren tells us what she thinks of Vegans. Not going to spoil it, but the word “militant” is used.                              



  1. Sam says:

    The comments might have some validity if you weren’t using generic sour cream, cheese, and eggs in your burrito episode – all typically sourced from factory farms with tortuous conditions.

  2. Jay says:

    So you don’t think there is any suffering at dairy farms? You really think cows just magically produce milk their whole life without hormones or continuous pregnancy? Oh yeah… which industry provides all the calves to the veal market? Hint: not the meat industry!

    If you want to eat cheese and milk that’s fine but don’t bitch about people who are actually serious about lessening their impact on the suffering of animals.

  3. Jay….just so you know, most of the cheese we use (not all, I’ll admit) comes from Kenny’s farmhouse cheese, a local farm that has a herd of cattle used for milking, hormone and drug free. It’s also rennet free cheese.

    All of our eggs are from free-range chickens, too. (or whatever term they use these days)

  4. Nicolle says:

    @Brian Cunningham – The term “free-range” doesn’t really mean what most people think it does…

  5. Christian says:

    “Free range” is actually a euphemism for “skeet shooting” – it’s not nice but it -is- funny.

  6. @Nicolle – Sorry, I meant “Free Roaming” right? Sorry, Im new to the health/humane food world.

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