Episode #1 – Breakfast Burritos

Monday, December 21st, 2009
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Lauren and Jon whip up some delicious vegetarian breakfast burritos.  And take a few shots along the way.                              



  1. Bear says:

    Funny stuff, Lauren.

    Gotta say though: Garlic has less water in it than onion, so it needs to be added last or prior to adding liquid to whatever you’re making so it doesn’t scorch.

  2. Donna J Ragar says:

    Amusing video, but how can it be a vegetarian burrito if it contains chicken embryos?

  3. AJ says:

    Have you been watching me on the weekends? Add a cast iron skillet filled with peanut oil for frying onion rings or potato wedges, and you will be set. Of course I would not suggest drunken deep-frying unless you can do it very well while sober. Waking up with strange blisters is always bad.

  4. Aj…I like it. Only I think we’ll up the ante–we fry onion rings in a skillet, and every time we get burned we have to take another shot. Dumb? Absolutely. But it just might also be brilliant.

  5. Chris Currie says:

    Did a little bit of drunken cooking myself last weekend… seared pork loin in a enameled dutch oven in short sleeves. I’d advise against it, but the results were too delicious.

  6. Tom Hodgins says:

    @Donna J Ragar – Here in North American the eggs we buy are UNFERTILIZED so they’re not embryos – they are simply eggs. This makes them acceptable for vegetarians to eat.

    There ARE some places in the world where they’ll eat fertilized eggs, so a bird inside an egg just days before it would have hatched, and most vegetarians would consider that unacceptable.

    Eggs are as much ‘meat’ as milk is.

  7. DK says:

    You’re worried about free radical damage but not the damage of the amount of alcohol you are consuming? That seems a little ironic…..

  8. Austin says:

    The video seems to be broken. I refresh and everytime it wont load past 1:12

  9. j says:

    dang that sounds good.

    pretty funny stuff usually my drunken cooking consists of microwave popcorn, toast, or hot pockets…

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  11. bowtie says:

    @Donna J Ragar – vegetarian is not vegan.

  12. bowtie says:

    hey, guys! great site. liking it a lot. i’d like to know more about this “free radicals” deal you talked about when using burned oil. was it just a drunk thing? haha i looked at it, and i couldn’t find anything about that online.

  13. bowtie says:

    @Bear – word. if you’re sweating onions with garlic, it’s not so bad because the heat isn’t that high. but sauteeing garlic is a bad idea. it gets burned and is super bitter.

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